{WIAW} A Few Delicious Eats

Happy Wednesday friends! Three cheers for halfway through the work week!

Ugh we are in the thick of this southern summer humidity. Feeling the cooler weather of the midwest last week was such a tease. I mean football’s already starting here and school’s been in session for awhile but it’s still 93+ degrees. Yikeeesss.

Peas and Crayons

I confess some days I am terrible at taking pics of my eats for the WIAW link-up and some days I nail it. Yesterday was not one of those days. I had a really delicious new salad in a jar mix I wanted to share but when it comes to lunchtime my hunger pain is often much larger than my memory.

So today I’ll share a few snapshots of eats I have enjoyed lately.

I have a cup of green tea almost every morning and sometimes during the afternoon. It helps keep me awake when the afternoon lull comes around. Plus I know I’m not the only one who enjoys having tea just to see what quote they get! This one couldn’t have come at a better time.

image (1)

Exploding lentil enchiladas. Sometimes my dinners aren’t always that pretty or perfect but they’re still delicious.

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LOVING these new-to-me All Natural JJFlats 7-Grain flatbread! I found these in Publix Sunday and they have been the perfect accompaniment to my lunches and something to nibble on before dinner.

image (2)

Ahhhh summer salads can definitely stay but everything else about summer in the south can go. This baby was piled high with fuel food for last nights dinner- spinach, grape tomatoes, onion, grilled salmon, walnuts, figs, avocado, Parmesan, EVOO and coconut balsamic vinegar. Delish!

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Have a great day!

What are some foods you’ve been loving lately?!

Easy Breakfast Cookies

Easy Breakfast Cookies via Britt's Blurbs

Hey friends! Before I get started sharing my Easy Breakfast Cookies I just want to say how great getting back into a routine feels! Who’s with me on that one? There’s nothing like sleeping in your own bed and hitting the gym again to feel at ease. I’ve touched on how important it is to take rest days and even multiple back-to-back rest days after intense training’s. My workouts have been pretty intense the past month so when I was gone in Chicago last week I took about 4 days off from working out. This week my body feels rested and recovered! Okay now onto cookies… duh!


I am such a cookie girl. I heart pretty much any type of cookie. Especially a warm, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate chip cookie dunked in a cool glass of milk. I know you totally agree with me.

Lately I’m kind of over having hard-boiled eggs for my mid-morning snack. Sometimes I’m all about em’ and sometimes I want nothing to do with them. My taste buds go in waves. So I’ve turned to alternative snacks to hold me over until lunch time including fiber cereal and almond milk, soaked nuts and these easy breakfast cookies.

Easy Breakfast Cookies via Britt's Blurbs

I don’t have an exact recipe for them because I throw together pretty much anything I have on hand however the base is always bananas.

I use:

  • 3-4 bananas and mash them up
  • Then add a drop of vanilla extract
  • Then I add in some nuts (walnuts, chopped almonds, etc.)
  • And some seeds (chia seeds, sunflower seeds, pepita seeds, sesame seeds, etc)
  • And some ground flax and raisins
  • Pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees
  • Mix up all the ingredients in a bowl and scoop out in spoonfuls onto a cookie sheet
  • Bake for about 25 minutes

See! Easy! These cookies are always packed full of naturally fueling ingredients and since they’re cookie size they make for an easy grab-n-go snack!

(3-4 mashed bananas makes about 14 cookies)

Easy Breakfast Cookies via Britt's Blurbs

Make these in your Sunday food prep to have on hand during the week and double the ingredients if you need more.